Due to risks identified and recorded in this document a decision has been taken to deploy a tactical team
at the premises. The purpose for these tactical teams is to be on standby at a designated Premises for
any possible attacks on the customer or its client's premises or property. The tactical teams will serve as
a deterrent and will intervene where necessary till such time that the authorities arrive and take over to
restore calm to the situation.





1x Driver who will also be recognized as the team leader
4 x Crew members
1 x armoured vehicle
5 x Riot Gear (Shield, Helmet, Safety Shoes, Batons, handcuffs)
5 x handheld radios and 1 x trunking handheld radio to communicate with the JOC
5 x Gas Guns with solid round bullets (No devises that is classified under the Firearms Control Act 60 of
2000 as firearms or live ammunition in accordance of this act will be deployed at any of the customer or
its Client's premises).






Access Control

  • Few employers want to allow their employee access to all facilities all of the time. That is why more and more are using electronic access control to limit employee's access to their facilities. At a minimum, an electronic access control system can be used to allow only employees in to a building after hours, and provide excellent documentation of when and where employee enter and exit. Access control is the only technology that proactively attempts to keep unauthorized individuals out of a building or areas within a facility, and is a perfect complement to video surveillance, burglar and fire systems in a comprehensive security solution. The access control system is an extremely effective deterrent. It provides a very efficient means of granting entry, while maintaining a high level of building and property security. By preventing just one serious loss incident per year, an access control system can more than pay for itself.
  • Significant improvements in communication technology over the past few years has made Remote Video Surveillance a viable option in many security and productivity applications. The advantage of remote surveillance is that while a Close Circuit TV system transmits the video feed to an on-site facility, remote surveillance allows the system to be monitored from an off-side location. This location could, conceivable, be anywhere in the world, as long as there is a suitable communication link between the on-site equipment and the off-site location.



  • Because of the speed and totality of the destructive forces of fire, it constitutes one of the more serious threats to any commercial enterprise. Vandalized or environmentally-damaged structures can be repaired and stolen objects recovered. Items destroyed by fire, however, are gone forever. An uncontrollable fire can obliterate an entire room's contents within a few minutes and completely burn out a building in a couple of hours. The first step towards halting a fire is to properly identify the incident, raise the occupant alarm, and then notify emergency response professionals. This is the function of a fire detection and alarm system. Several system types and options are available, depending on the specific characteristics of the protected space. Contact us directly so that we can best advice you on how you can prevent loss of data and money.
  • An intruder alarm system is designed to detect intruder presence at your premises. When detected, a siren will activate and communicate an alarm signal to one of our highly sophisticated Monitoring Centre, from where an appropriate response will be coordinated. Intruder systems can either hard-wired or wireless.
    • The purpose of an intruder alarm system is:
    • · To protect the physical assets and people within a premises.
      · To deter crime and vandalism.
      · To ensure a prompt, armed response services is dispatched in response to an alarm signal
    • Point-to-point beams and outdoor detectors are mounted externally as an early warning system. These devices can be linked to your alarm system. When the infrared beam is broken or motion is detected by the outdoor security beams, an alarm will be triggered.


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